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Vescovato (Lombardia) - Italia

Tradition and Progress: the combination that characterizes the confectionery food Rivoltini. The name Rivoltini is historically linked to the nougat, sweet typical Cremonese is the main product of the company. E 'in the '30s that Mr. Ersilio with his sons Guido and Attilio, decided to engage in the production of sweet almond and honey, former star of the Christmas holidays in many Italian homes. The result is a Bishopric, a country not far from Cremona, nougat Rivoltini.
The conditions for success are there: the original recipe of 1441, the typical steam boiler for cooking the dough, and a remarkable initiative.
The nougat Rivoltini today preserved in this way, the typical taste appreciated for the first time since the fifteenth century Cremona at the wedding of Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza.
The Company Dolciaria Rivoltini is a reality so tied to tradition, but also attentive to the developments and needs of the present.
For nearly twenty years the figure in fact among the few Italian energy bars, which together with other organic products, are the most recent line. The name accompanies Rivoltini so the Christmas holidays for lovers of handmade nougat, but with crisp and organic products, it offers the taste and quality of the recipes throughout the year.

Soft nougat cake with fruits

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Code: TTFF
1 unit for case
4.000 gr.
- 141,10 Oz.


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