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Orsini by Arte e Pasta
Boscoreale (Campania) - Italia

Who does our story are the men who make pasta. Originating in Torre Annunziata, make the dough from drying out when done manually, with rudimentary tools, taking advantage of the favorable weather conditions of our climate, with the help of braziers to heat rooms where it was completed.
Making the dough was a ritual, knowledge of their secrets made ​​them indispensable in a factory, because without tools engineers were able to learn about the humidity.
Today, in our pasta factory, they are still, in spite of the presence of technical tools, to make the comparison between their knowledge and technology.
Drawing is bronze and perhaps we are among the few pasta makers, who have not made ​​the move from an emphasis mass market and we have maintained our craft. Ours was a choice: to offer our customers a quality product.

Cappelli da chef

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Durum weath semolina pasta, bronze moulded, slow low temperature drying,in order to preserve the light yellow colour according to tradition

Code: OR999
12 unit for case
500 gr.
- 17,64 Oz.


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