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Cavallermaggiore (Piemonte) - Italia

Campiello, the historic brand of biscuit market, was founded in 1972 in Cavallermaggiore, province of Cuneo.
The company stands out immediately thanks to its main product, the rookie, it is stated that for the high quality due to careful selection of raw materials, such as fresh milk and acacia honey and a unique production technology that makes it unique.
Finally then we can summarize that the "mission" of the company is: "development and innovation in the preservation of tradition."

Arielle with glaze

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Healthy and nutritious biscuits with glaze. They are the classic cookies in typical, playful shape wreath with the hole in the middle, made even more greedy by the exotic, light taste of vanilla. Excellent for breakfast, great for the five o'clock tea.
Code: 12110
12 unit for case
250 gr.
- 8,82 Oz.


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