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Forest Food
Sovizzo (Veneto) - Italia

Our history begins with a family restaurant in the 1960's. FOREST FOOD comes from this traditional Italian cuisine.
The deep passion for the traditional "Vicentina" cuisine and the care for our customers has always encouraged us in our search for healthy and natural raw materials.
The 1990's was the beginning of our passion for wild mushrooms, which are the precious ingredients of our old and new recipes.

These are the principles of FOREST FOOD, motivations which encourage us to pursue a continuous improvement:
- Years of dedication to the food services sector has led us to a passion for the traditional cuisine of our local area.
- Caring for our customers to satisfy them at our best.
- The constant search for genuine natural raw materials as wild mushrooms are in nature.
To preserve the integrity of the organoleptic properties to the final consumer.
- Professional competence acquired in mycology, the science that studies the fascinating word of mushrooms. Since 1998 Virna Tecchio, our holder, is recognized and qualified as an expert mycologist. See "Registro Nazionale dei Micologi" on website of Italian Ministry of Health link http://www.salute.gov.it
- Careful monitoring of all processing activities to ensure the safety and health of food products.

Dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms

Did you know? The weight of dried mushrooms corresponds to 10 times their fresh weight of origin. Our wild Porcini mushrooms (Boletus Edulis and its group - Boletus Aereus, Pinicola and Reticulatus) grow in the forests. They are prepared and conserved with maximum care, without additives and preservatives and they keeped their natural and precious intense aroma and flavor. The delicious scent will let you know they are there and it will fill your kitchen. Enjoy Porcini with pasta, risotto, soups, sauces, stuffing, meat or fish dishes. Dried Porcini mushrooms are available in a different quality grades to meet the demands of any customer.
Code: FF212
16 unit for case
20 gr.
- 0,71 Oz.


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