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Sarda Formaggi
Olbia (Sardegna) - Italia

In 2013 Sardaformaggi celebrated half a century of business activity: fifty years of experience and tradition, which witnessed this five-star cheese become a main feature on tables throughout the world.
Sardinian milk and dairy sector, which was in large-part based on the production of Pecorino Romano cheese, a classic Sardinian product.

These difficult times pushed Nino, Pietro, Salvatore, and their cousin Costantino to look for new possible products, and it was in this way that the founders of Sardoformaggi decided to experiment with innovative new production techniques.

This is how the first soft, tender, and sweet cheese ever to be produced in Sardinia came to be, at a time in which these sorts of products were completely unknown.

After just two years, with the commercial success of this product, the warehouse in Tuscany was opened, at first serving as a direct sales point, and now for product packaging and capillary distribution throughout Italy and abroad.

This double essence, with production in Sardinia and packaging/distribution in Tuscany, will always be one of the distinguishing characteristics leading to the success of Sardaformaggi.

Our Tuscany location gradually contributed to our entrance into the commercial circuit of Large-Scale Retail Trade and subsequently into that of Organized Large-Scale Retail Trade, which quickly became our biggest market.

The growth of the large-scale retail trade circuit contributed to the growth of Sardaformaggi, as both continued on a parallel track.

Large-scale retail trade also demanded high quality, hygiene norms, and internal organization, gradually raising our standards to reach a level of excellence which we continue to improve on a day to day basis.

After half a century of experience, the small cheese-making factory has become an important dairy and cheese industry, proud to present our array of pecorino cheeses, ricotta cheeses and pasta filata cheeses, which bare the Made in Italy label on tables all over the world.

Our mission as a company is to continue growing through our success on new markets, including foreign markets such as those of Germany, Greece, France, Luxembourg, Holland, Russia, the Middle East, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and Australia.

Gallura d'Oro DOP Stagionato

An aged Sardinian D.O.P. (Protected domination of origin) pecorino cheese, Galluradoro is the aged version of Pecorino Sardo D.O.P., a traditional expression of Sardinian culture. It has a compact, slightly straw-coloured paste, and a pleasing sharp flavour which reflects the unique characteristics of north-est Sardinian mountain pastures.
Code: SAFO55
1 unit for case
5.000 gr.
- 176,37 Oz.


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