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Villa Bartolomea (Veneto) - Italia

It was back in 1888 when the "Pastry Scarpato" began churning out its first sweet Legnago, in the province of Verona.
At that time the cakes were worked and kneaded by hand. The rising and baking were followed with care, patience, commitment and passion, using the finest ingredients: flour, eggs, butter, milk and yeast, mixed and combined in perfect balance.
It 's been more than a century since then, but nothing has changed in this respect.
That is why those who love quality still choose the "Pastry Scarpato" choose the flavors of the past that still lives in the present, choose the result of everyday love for a difficult job but sweet.
A love which continues in care packages. Hand-wrapped, the cake becomes a prestigious gift and the sign of a pastry exclusive. Signed Scarpato. Since 1888.


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