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Acetaia Terra del Tuono
Corticella (Emilia e Romagna) - Italia

There are almost five barrels in a Balsamic barrel set, and everyone has a different capacity. Within our Acetaia, a set consists of a series of barrels built with different wood essences: Cherry wood makes taste sweeter, Chestnut wood makes vinegar dark, Mulberry wood makes it thicker, Juniper wood enhances its taste, Oak wood gives it a noble and ancient scent. A deep experience is required to decide the wood order in the sets and to choose the best period of the year to fill up the barrels: this way we obtain the perfect taste balance for our Balsamic products. Experience, Passion, Tradition: our ingredients for excellence and our most important values.

Acetaia della Marchesa 10 years
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Code: AM250N
250 ml. - 0,07 Fl.Oz.
12 unit for case

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