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Riso Nobile di Baraggia
Greggio (Veneto) - ITalia

Several years have gone by since Mr Pietro Bosso founded in Greggio, a small village in Baraggia near Vercelli, one of the first white rice processing plants . It was a ground-breaking scheme because rice at the time was processed for the most part in old mills. Since then the Greggio rice processing plant has been renowned for the quality of its products and the know-how of its staff.
Passion for Quality:': this is why Riso Nobile della Baraggia continues the artisanal tradition in the processing of classic Italian rice and strives to constantly improve and perfect the company’s processes. This goal includes offering the consumer a product which meets high quality standards, researched at the time of purchasing the unprocessed rice and realised during processing, on white rice.
These values are then reflected on production batches, in analytical assessments conducted by the Chemical Laboratory of the Commodity Exchange Commodity of Vercelli (Chamber of Commerce).

Riso Nobile Carnaroli
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