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Acetaia Guerzoni
Concordia sulla Secchia (Emilia e Romagna) - Italia

Welcome! Our story started by his grandfather and grandmother Zina and Arduino. After many years of work in the countryside of Modena low, with the life savings have been able to buy an old house surrounded by vineyards. Shortly after the marriage of his son Felice with Iride, has begun the gradual conversion of our vineyards to the Organic and Biodynamic. In the seventies, it was considered crazy. The sense of respect for nature, has overcome all difficulties. In the early eighties, our farm, when Italy did not even exist yet certified organic, biodynamic disciplinary respected the Germans. The certification, in those days, was then released by a body of German control. In the same year began the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. To date, not one gram of grapes from our different organic and biodynamic, came to power batteries of our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. This is perhaps one of the greatest records of our company.
Our mission today is to produce products consistent with the tradition, both agricultural transformation. In an attempt to convey to all the feeling and spirit of our grandfathers. Taking into account that used to bend nature to their will with chemicals or invasive techniques, but listened and let you drive. Some of them would always be guided to good.
Guerzoni The farm is therefore linked to the history of the familyGuerzoni. Family doubly linked to the land of Modena. And becausefarmers have always been and because the origins of the family are in the area. Today we were in 3 to continue the family tradition: Happy,and Lorenzo Iris. Probably if you have seen us recently, you’ll see: Irisin organic markets throughout Italy. He never tires of going among the people to sell our products and tell our story so unique. Or Lorenzo, who know a little ‘English and being the company’s future journeysabroad. Do not miss the opportunity to come to Concord to talk toFelix. You will find him always busy taking care of the vine. He does not like to leave her alone and move up a few kilometers. Always ready to run if needed.


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