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Orsini Food inc was founded in 1987 by Gregorio and Lucia Nuccio with a clear and ambitious goal: to spread through the United States not only the renomated foodstuffs that made Italian gastronomy famous all over the world, but also to share the excellence and exclusivity of the most sought-after Italian agri-food production.

Over the years, with commitment and perseverance, they managed to build a dense commercial network by collaborating in many States with the most popular operators in the food sector, with the most important gourmet stores and with the largest commercial chains.

A brilliant marketing project based on food skills, commercial transparency and continuous commitment to the search for new excellence has placed them among the most important American operators in the food sector.

Excellent new products tell of an Italian taste that is constantly updated, also keeping in high consideration the nutritional needs of increasingly attentive and aware customers. In addition to taste, Orsini Food inc pays enormous attention to the organoleptic and production features of the Italian products, which build the gastronomic excellence brought to the table every day, in Italy and in the United States.